About me

"Hello, I'm Khalid kifayat, Skillful Tech Engineer with working experience in Cloud computing (AWS, GCP), Infrastructure deployment, testing, monitoring, scripting, automation, Version control, documentation & system's support.

I also work as a proficient AI-chatbot developer in Google Dialogflow & Amazon Alexa with a keen eye for design, coding finesse, and a knack for creating intelligent chatbots using Rule based and Generative AI mechanism's, I bring a holistic approach to crafting dynamic and user-centric digital solutions."

Linux Ubuntu, Docker, Kubernetes, CICD Pipelines
AI Chatbot
Open-AI, Streamlit, Google Colab
Ai Web-Scraping
  • * CICD Pipeline for Java Application to deploy on Kubernetes Cluster using Jenkins. 2023
  • * Automated Cl/CD Pipeline for Django Web Application using AWS, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes. 2023
  • * Assimilation of VPC, NAT, API GATEWAY, Route53, Load Balancers & AWS Lambda along with DATA Migration from S3 to Glacier. 2023
  • * Manage, Secure, Validate, Monitor & Prevent Misconfiguration of Kubernetes. 2023
  • * MongoExpress/MongoDB Application deployment using Kubernetes. 2023
  • * Deploying App using GiT-Maven-Jenkins & Tomcat Server. 2023
  • Generative AI & Chatbot Development
    Saylani Mass IT Training Sept 2023
  • Master's in Computer Sciences
    Iqra University Karachi 2004
  • BSC in Computer Sciences
    University of Peshawar 2001
What I Can Deliver

Provided Services

With a strong foundation in Cloud DevOps and AI Chatbot Development, I am eager to work, contribute
and to innovative projects and collaborate with like-minded professionals.


Cloud DevOps

I excel in deploying organisational apps securely on AWS & GCP cloud managed services while using linux, docker & kubernetes.


Generative AI - Chatbot Development

I specialize in creating cutting-edge chatbots that engage incoming users and streamline processes with AI-driven solutions.



JavaScript is my playground for creating interactive, dynamic cloud and web experiences.

DevOps & Cloud

Step by step explanatory tutorial videos on DevOps, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Linux Administration etc
& Earned 42 Google Cloud Skill Badges.

Projects - Data Science

Diet/Workout Recommendation Application

Diet Recommendation System using Python, Langchain integration, OpenAI API and the innovative Llama2 model to revolutionize your fitness journey.

| GitHub | | Application|

Youtube transcriber Application

Stack used: Streamlit, Google-Genai, Python3.11 (anaconda), pathlib. Enter YT URL and take transcript Summary without watching whole video.

| GitHub | | Application|

Job Description VS Resume Analyzer

* What's wrong with my resume? * What are the important keywords that are missing for ATS tracking? Deploy this app and find out where you are doing mistake in your job search, and at the end make a ATS friendly Resume.

| GitHub | | Application|

Multi PDF Chating Application

Stack used: Langchain, Google-Genai, Python3.11 (anaconda), PyPdf2, ChromaDB, Faiss-CPU.
Chat with your documents. Extract relevant and precise answers.

| GitHub | | Application|

MultiLanguage Invoice Extractor

Handling invoices by using Gemini Vision API, ability to optimize the extraction of important details from invoices. Streamline financial processes by effortlessly extracting data from invoices in various languages

| GitHub | | Application|

Q&A - Saving Chat History

Conversational Q&A Chatbot (saving history) using the powerful Google Gemini-Pro model.

| GitHub | | Application|

Project Ideas & Custom Project Description Generator

Generate project ideas/guidelines for data-related roles, Stack used: Python 3.12, Google-GenAi, Langchain

| GitHub | | Application|

Nutritionist Generative-AI Doctor

Nutritionist Generative AI Doctor Using Google Gemini Pro Vision LLM model App and streamlit UI. With Gemini Vision API, This model detects uploaded image, calculate calories and recommend whether to eat it or not based on calories calculation per day a human body needs

| GitHub | | Application|
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